Five Southwest Employees stand together holding images of themselves in the military


We have a huge Heart for our military. Our colors may be red, yellow, and blue, but our support is for the red, white, and blue. Our support of our military comes from deep within our Heart, with more than 7,400 Employees who have served or are actively serving, over 1,500 Employees who are military spouses, and thousands of Customers who have served or are actively serving. ​​​​​We salute you today, and invite you to consider a career with a nationally-recognized employer for military and the best airline in the sky.

Our mission is to attract, hire, onboard, and retain extraordinary veterans who serve(d) our country and have given Southwest the freedom to fly.

Military Ambassador Program

Southwest Airlines Military Ambassador Program is a Team of veterans and military spouses serving as liaisons between Southwest’s Operating Groups and Employees. Our ambassadors are charged with being a point of contact for their department or workgroup on all things military and being familiar with and promoting the resources and tools available to veterans.
Military Program Lead
Southwest has a dedicated Military Program Lead who serves and educates our Employees who are veterans, as well as our military spouses, while networking to attract veterans to Southwest.

"Southwest is dedicated to hiring Veterans and supporting our military and spouses. Our Purpose is to connect People to what’s important in their lives through friendly, reliable, and low-cost air travel. We simply couldn’t fulfill our Purpose if not for the sacrifices and dedication of our military men and women. We appreciate their service and bravery in providing a blanket of freedom for our country, and we are honored to have an opportunity to welcome them into our Southwest Family."

Image of Gary Kelly

Gary Kelly

Executive Chairman
Recognizing our Southwest Heroes
Southwest’s Military Service Appreciation Program recognizes our Employees who are veterans with a pin to designate their military service. This pin symbolizes our gratitude for Employees who serve or have served in America’s military forces and is distinguishable by Customers and fellow Employees.
Southwest Captain smiling
Serving in the United States Military while working at Southwest Airlines
Military Skills Translator
At Southwest, we know that one of the toughest parts of transitioning into civilian life is finding jobs that fit your skills and interests. Visit our Military Skills Translator page to enter your military job title or code to see the currently-available opportunities at Southwest that align with your experience.
From Marine Life to SWALife
From Marine Life to SWA Life
We’re proud of the veterans in our ranks who have transitioned from the military to a life at Southwest. Brian Lamb, an Employee in technology,  transitioned from a 13-year career in the Marine Corps. Check out this video for a glimpse into how the Culture at Southwest made a positive impact on Brian’s work and personal life.

"Living the Southwest Way involves Warrior Spirit, Servant’s Heart, and Fun-LUVing Attitude. In the rest of the world, these three would be in direct conflict with each other, but at Southwest, we can be all three at once! These guide me and motivate me every day in my work."

Image of Andrew Watterson

Andrew Watterson

Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer and US Army Veteran