Destination 225°®
Military Pathway 

Spread your wings and take flight

The Southwest Airlines® Destination 225° Program, combined with our traditional hiring for First Officers, allows experienced, passionate, and well-trained aviators to learn how to fly The Southwest Way. Southwest Airlines designed this pathway to bridge the gap for rotor or power lift pilots who are interested in launching their civilian flying career.  
The flight to First Officer
Participants in the Destination 225° Military Pathway receive guidance from a Southwest® First Officer mentor. Mentors provide direction as participants complete additional training or flight time requirements needed. All military pathway participants are required to build the requisite flight time and experience through SkyWarrior. If necessary, participants take an additional ATP/CTP course with Bell Murray Aerospace prior to completing the certificate with SkyWarrior.

As you complete your training, you'll receive a preferential interview with a program partner, be hired, earn a type rating, and build experience as a First Officer during your two-year commitment (note: time commitments are partner-dependent and may vary). 

​​​​​​​After completing your training and experience in the pathway, you're eligible to bypass the traditional Pilot hiring interview. By working directly with Southwest Airlines during the hiring and onboarding process, you can reach your goal of becoming a First Officer.

Do I qualify for this pathway?
Eligible applicants for this program are individuals who have completed the U.S. Armed Forces undergraduate pilot training school, received a rating qualification as a military pilot, and meet the additional requirements listed below.   
Candidates for the military pathway may…  

  • Be a transitioning military member with flight experience, but doesn’t meet the minimum fixed-wing flight requirements to become a First Officer at Southwest  
  • Come from a rotor or fixed-wing background
  • Be interested in using the SkillBridge program as a way to transition to civilian aviation 
  • Have an interest in utilizing their GI Bill to assist in attaining the requirements needed to become a Southwest Airlines First Officer 
  • Be an experienced fixed-wing military pilot separating out of a non-flying role and doesn't meet traditional pilot hiring currency requirements
  • Be an experienced military pilot lacking their fixed-wing unrestricted multi-engine ATP certificate

Pre-flight checklist

Dive into the basics of our Destination 225° program, and prepare your application for takeoff!

Ready for your new career to take flight?

Military pathway FAQs

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We're proud of our partnerships with the following organizations who commit to going above and beyond to instruct and employ Destination 225° participants.
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