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Thursday, Feb. 23

1500: Flight Operations briefing

Friday, Feb. 24

1000: Flight Operations briefing
Saturday, Feb. 25
1300: Flight Operations briefing

Pilot Recruiting Seminars

Want to learn more about what it's like to captain the Southwest skies? Join our Pilot Recruiting Seminars in Seaside 7 to learn about our open Pilot - First Officer opportunity. Walk-ups are encouraged!
1330 - 1500: Pilot Recruiting Seminar

1530 - 1700: Pilot Recruiting Seminar

1000 - 1130: Pilot Recruiting Seminar​​​​​​​

1400 - 1530: Pilot Recruiting Seminar

1600 - 1730: Pilot Recruiting Seminar

1030 - 1200: Pilot Recruiting Seminar

1330 - 1500: Pilot Recruiting Seminar


"I found and fell in love with this career, and then one of my kids fell in love with this career as well. It’s a dream come true!"

- Captain Holly P.

First Officer Keely and her mom, Captain Holly, made Southwest history by becoming the first-ever mother/daughter Pilot duo. After 18 years as a Southwest Pilot, Holly is certain that flying is still exactly what she wants to do for the rest of her life, especially as she gets to share that passion with the ones closest to her.
Captain Holly P and First Officer Keely P hugging before their first flight together as Captain and First Officer

Apply as a Southwest Pilot.

We'll post a new Southwest Pilot opportunity on the seventh of each month (e.g., March 7).

During an open hiring window, please apply to the Pilot - First Officer role on You're required to apply for an open position for interview consideration. 

Minimum qualifications for First Officer 

USA DOT/FAA Airline Transport Pilot Certificate. The certificate must display the following:

  • "Airplane Multiengine Land" Category and Class Ratings
  • "English Proficient" limitation

USA DOT/FAA First Class Medical Certificate and, if applicable, any necessary Special Issuance of a Medical Certificate (Authorization) or Statement of Demonstrated Ability (SODA) issued by the Federal Air Surgeon.
Flight experience
  • Preferred: 500 hours in a fixed-wing turbine aircraft or successfully completed all aspects of a Destination 225° pathway program
  • Preferred: Actively flying for two of the last five years
  • Note: PIC time is defined as Captain or Aircraft Commander of record or pilot signing for the aircraft (not sole manipulator of the controls)
  • Note: Only time in a fixed-wing aircraft is counted, this specifically excludes simulator, helicopter, WSO, RIO, FE, NAV, EWO, and UAV

Our Heart starts with our People.

Want to work in a unique, People-first Culture, with competitive benefits and a solid record of job security? Southwest Airlines is growing, and we’re looking for top-notch Employees to grow with us.

Benefits for First Officers you'll love: 
  • Fly for free on any open seat on all Southwest flights, see all the destinations Southwest serves here (your eligible dependents fly, too)
  • 15% non-elective contribution (B-Fund) deposited into your 401(k)*
  • A ProfitSharing contribution toward retirement—when we profit, you profit*
  • Competitive health insurance for you and your eligible dependents
  • Opportunity to purchase 10% off Southwest Airlines common stock, LUV, traded on NYSE
  • Company-paid Loss of License

*ProfitSharing contributions are subject to the plan’s vesting schedule and are made at the discretion of the Company. 

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