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Flight Attendant Opportunities​​​​​​​

Take your career to new heights.

See your career soar as a Flight Attendant. Share Southwest Airlines® Legendary Customer Service while providing a safe travel experience, snacks and beverage service, and an excellent cabin experience onboard the aircraft. Friendly announcements, warm smiles, and top-notch Hospitality are just a few traits that factor into being a Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant. 

Why Southwest Airlines?

Image that reads, "15,000+ Flight Attendants across 11 domiciles in the United States"
Image that reads, "Flight Attendants are the Heart of Southwest Hospitality"
Image that reads, "Largest Boeing fleet in the world with over 750 Boeing 737 aircraft"
Image that reads, "A network of 101 Destinations in the United States and 10 Additional Countries + 4,000 weekday departures*"
Image that reads, "50 years of Legendary Service"

Inflight Base map

Image that displays a map of the United States with the 11 Inflight Bases marked: Oakland, Chicago, Baltimore, Dallas, Houston, Denver, Las Vegas, Orlando, Phoenix, Atlanta, and Los Angeles with Satellite bases in Fort Lauderdale and Austin

Sitting reserve

  • Flight Attendants are eligible for reserve until they are in the top 35% seniority in their base.
  • New Flight Attendants will most likely be on reserve for 10+ years at any base, but they do not have to sit reserve every schedule period.
  • The most senior bases* are: ATL, PHX, and DAL.
  • The most junior bases* are: OAK, DEN, and LAX.
  • More detailed information regarding sitting reserve can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions document.

How to apply

During an open hiring window, apply to the Flight Attendant job posting on You are required to apply to an open position to be considered for an interview.

Reminder: The only way to apply for a job at Southwest Airlines is through this site. Fees don't fly here
we will never ask for any form of payment for your application or training.

Haven't found a job that fits your skills and interests? Join our Talent Community, which lets our Recruiters know you're interested in learning about future positions in this career field. You will still need to complete a separate application for that position when it is posted to be considered for employment.

Is any interview prep recommended?

We encourage that you be well prepared for your Flight Attendant interview. We look forward to getting to know you and learning more about your experiences. Please visit our careers page to receive the most current information regarding Southwest Airlines, our Purpose, Vision, and Company Values.

We realize that there are third party services available for hire to assist you in your preparation. Southwest Airlines is not affiliated with any of these services, and unfortunately, we have found some of their information regarding our hiring process to be inaccurate, out of date, and at times, misleading

If my interview is successful, how do I prepare in advance for training?

If you’re selected to move forward in the interview, successfully complete the Physical Performance Standards Test, and complete the Employment Screening process, we’ll invite you to attend a Southwest Flight Attendant Training Class. During training, you’re required to memorize our Southwest Airport City Codes and our Southwest Public Announcements, word-for-word.

To set yourself up f
or success at training, we strongly encourage you to start learning the airport city codes and memorizing all of the Public Announcements before attending class. You will be tested on both of these during the first week of training.

Note: Our Public Announcements are subject to change at any time; always check the Flight Attendant Manual (FAM) to find the latest Public Announcements. You’ll receive access to the Preflight Training Packet two weeks prior to training class.

Myth busters

There are many common myths and misconceptions about the Flight Attendant role.
Click each "myth" below to learn more about what the role is actually like!

Day in the Life

We bet you've got questions.
Explore our Frequently Asked Questions document to find additional information about expectations for the Flight Attendant role.
*As of 2019, during peak travel seasons. ​​​​​​​