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“In 2018, for every single dollar that we spent operating this airline, 40 cents of that dollar went to our People. Taking care of our People will always be
my top priority. I am most proud of the fact that we have never had a layoff, a furlough, or pay cut in our entire history.”

-Gary Kelly
(Chairman of the Board & CEO)

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Reminders for Now Onboarding
  • Bring two forms of government-issued ID as well as a photocopy of each ID. 
  • If you are unsure which work group you will attend for Now Onboarding, contact your coordinator. 
  • Casual attire is one of the special “Freedoms” we enjoy as Employees of Southwest Airlines. Employees are expected to exercise personal responsibility, good judgment, and common sense with respect to the wearing of casual attire. Extreme, provocative, or sloppy attire that may be offensive to others should not be worn.