A Company with Heart

Let's take you under our wings. Our Ramp Agents are true Southwest Warriors. Among other duties, they ensure smooth operations by directing aircraft on the ground and handling cargo/baggage service.

Benefits you'll love:
  • Starting pay of $17/hour with opportunities for overtime and shift pick-ups
  • ​​​​​​​Opportunities for overtime and shift pick-ups (Overtime pay is computed solely on base pay rate)
  • Fly for free on any open seat on all Southwest® flights (your eligible dependents fly, too) 

  • Up to a 9.3% 401(k) Company match, dollar for dollar, per paycheck** 

  • An annual ProfitSharing contribution toward retirement—when we profit, you profit*** 

  • Competitive health insurance for you and your family 

  • Opportunity to buy Southwest Airlines common stock at a 10% discount

Are you interested in getting your workout in at the "office," working outdoors, and flying for free? Submit your contact information and we will keep you updated on job opportunities.

Our Purpose and Vision

From our very beginning, Southwest Airlines has been a maverick in the airline and customer service industries. We set ourselves apart as the airline with Heart by connecting our Customers to the moments that matter.

Southwest Airplane on a tarmac at sunrise.

Day in the Life

Go on the tarmac with Michelle, San Diego Ramp Agent.

Image of Michelle, a San Diego Ramp agent waving.  She wears a blue hat and a blue headset while sitting in the driver seat of an airplane tug.

“I've been at Southwest Airlines for nearly 30 years and one of the things that has always made me feel really special is that I've felt welcomed. What I look for in the future is to ensure that we continue to make sure all of our Employees feel welcomed in their work environment and we continue to engage the communities that we serve."

Headshot of VP of Ground Operations, Chris Johnson in front of a grey background.  Chris started as a Ramp Agent in Detroit.

Chris Johnson

Vice President of Ground Operations

Chris started as a Ramp Agent in Detroit and leads the daily efforts of our domestic and international Ground Operations and Provisioning Teams.


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How to apply

During an open hiring window, apply to the Ramp Agent job posting on careers.southwestair.com. For interview consideration, you must apply to an open position.

Reminder: The only way to apply for a job at Southwest Airlines is through this site. Fees don't fly here
we will never ask for any form of payment for your application or training.
**401(k) match contributions are subject to the plan’s vesting schedule.
***ProfitSharing contributions are subject to the plan’s vesting schedule and are made at the discretion of the Company.