Career Connections at Southwest Airlines

Connectionwithout the layover.

The Southwest Airlines® Careers Team invites you to Career Connections held most Tuesdays from noon to 1 p.m. CT. We'll discuss what it’s like to apply, interview, and land a career with Heart at Southwest! 
Career Connections is free and open to everyone! Join us for a peek behind the curtain to learn about upcoming career opportunities, what we look for in Candidates, and how to best prepare for our hiring process. After the webinar, our Recruiters are happy to answer any questions.

When to tune in:

Career Connections Webinar
February 6
We're taking this week off, but we'll see you on the 9th!
Career Connections Webinar
February 13
The technology used at Southwest is integral to our operation, as are the Teams behind it. This week, we'll share how you can join our Technology Teams through direct hire and Contractor opportunities.
Career Connections Webinar
February 20
We're taking this week off, so we'll see you next week.
Career Connections Webinar
February 27
Analysts. There are many Analysts throughout the Company, but their roles and responsibilities vary by Team and department. This week, we'll dive into what an Analyst role entails and its impact on our operation.

Wanna check out the job of the week?

Our Operations Agents carry out important tasks “above the wing” in the airport, including finalizing details of the weight and balance of aircraft, providing an efficient and hospitable boarding experience for Customers, and coordinating with other workgroups to facilitate a flight’s departure. They play a quarterback role in readying a flight for departure while providing Southwest Hospitality to both Internal and External Customers daily. Operations Agents are strong communicators who enjoy working as a part of a Team in a dynamic, safe environment.

Learn more about what it takes to become an Operations Agent in Chicago and apply today! 

Tips on the fly.

Review the job description
Read and save the job description to reference while you’re preparing for an interview.
Prepare your resume
After reviewing the job description, confirm your resume is updated. Include your contact information, relevant experience, and job-specific skills that qualify you for the position.  


Submit an application

After you've prepared your resume and found an open Southwest position, apply online. You should hear back from a Recruiter in the following business days as they review applications.


Questions we often hear. 

Take a look at a few of the most frequently asked questions we hear during our Career Connections webinars, and explore more Career Connections FAQs