Reminder: The only way to apply for a job at Southwest Airlines® is through this site. Fees don’t fly here -- we will never ask for any form of payment for your application or training.*

*Destination 225° is a program of Southwest Airlines and there is no cost to apply; however, candidates advancing through the selection process will be responsible for all costs incurred. Read more.

La única forma de solicitar un trabajo en Southwest Airlines es a través de este sitio web. Las tarifas no vuelan aquí: nunca solicitaremos ninguna forma de pago para su solicitud o capacitación*

*Destination 225° es un programa de Southwest Airlines y no hay costo para aplicar; sin embargo, los candidatos que avancen a través del proceso de selección serán responsables de todos los costos incurridos. Lee mas.

Southwest Pilots sit in the cockpit

Pilots & Flight Operations

Southwest Airlines®  Pilots are responsible for flying our aircraft throughout our system, while maintaining the highest level of Safety and professionalism. We think our Pilots are the most hardworking and Fun-LUVing Pilots in the industry. Southwest Airlines Pilots are Leaders both in and out of the cockpit who take care of our internal and external Customers to create a one-of-a-kind experience only found at Southwest Airlines.

Our Flight Operations Department consists of Pilot Bases, a Flight Training Center, Operations Coordinator Center, Crew Scheduling, Planning, and Payroll and Administration. Our entire Flight Operations Team is dedicated to providing safe, efficient, and Customer-oriented flights. You can take your career at Southwest Airlines as high as you would like...and the sky really is the limit on the Flight Operations Team.
A Southwest Pilot stands in the plane
Our Purpose