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Airport Operations

Keeping our flights up and running and our Customers smiling takes a special type of Employee. Airport Operations is the front line of our business, and these dedicated folks are the first faces our Passengers see when they fly. This job is made for People who thrive working with others in fast-paced environments.
Southwest A&P Mechanic

 Why Airport Operations ? 

Flexible work hours

Our Airport Operations Team members have the opportunity to make extra money through overtime and shift pick-ups.
Grow your career

Opportunities can include Leadership positions and Projects and Analysis Teams.


All Ground Operations positions start out earning at least $17 per

You and your Family

Medical benefits start at $17 per month for Employees and $43 for Employees +  their family. Explore more at

Ramp Agents

These Warriors work mostly outdoors: loading bags and cargo, directing our airplanes in and out of the gate, and assuring safe, ontime performance.

Operations Agents

Manage weight and balance of the aircraft, and oversee Customer boarding.

Customer Service Agents

Provide outstanding Customer Service by issuing tickets and checking bags at the ticket counter, being available at the gate for assistance pre-flight, and working in the Baggage Service Office.

Cargo Agents

Support our Customers’ cargo, freight, and shipping needs by delivering great Customer Service.

Provisioning Agents

Ensure our planes are fully stocked for a great Customer experience. Do you enjoy pretzels and an inflight beverage? Thank a Provo Agent.

Our Purpose

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